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Our platform offers a wide range of online psychological counselling options for you to be mentally healthy from the comfort of your home.

Our Services

Why Know Your MIND?

● We connect you with a wide range of certified and experienced psychologists/psychiatrists online for personal one-on-one counselling.

● Get structured therapy and progress tracking to conquer your mental diseases/disorders.

● Get convenience of remote location and time flexibility.

● Our online psychiatrists/psychologists ensure a safe and scientific approach to individual health practises.

How It Works?

Step 1. Find an online psychologist/psychiatrist who fits you from our certified psychologists/psychiatrists’ list.

Step 2. Book a trial session and get to know the counselling process of your psychologist/psychiatrist.

Step 3. If it's the right online psychologist/psychiatrist for you, sign up for the plan as per your preference.

Step 4. Begin your health journey and stay mentally fit and healthy.

About Us

Who are we?

  • Know Your MIND enables you to connect with different online psychologists/ psychiatrists around the world. It offers you to choose your personal online psychologists/ psychiatrists as per your preference and time of your appointment as per your availability. You can access your personal psychologist/ psychiatrist online whenever you need help with any mental symptoms.

“We are here to help you lead a lifestyle with expert online psychologists/psychiatrists’ guidance for every mental health issue. ”

Thanks to Know Your Mind for giving this golden opportunity of setting my own virtual clinic. It has really helped me a lot.

Himanshu Middha

What Makes Us Best

Take the first step with an online psychologist/psychiatrist on the road leading to your mental health goals.

Better results

Smart work will pay off! The results of your workout through online fitness training will definitely be better.

More consistency

The process of being fit becomes more consistent. Your online fitness trainer keeps you motivated and on track.

Improved Form

You will learn how to perform certain exercises by using online fitness tips. Time to improve your form, mate

Easily accessible

Your online personal trainer will be available for you whenever you need him to guide you through your workout.

Why choose an online fitness trainer?

  • Eliminates the need to physically hit the clinic.
  • Online psychologist/ psychiatrist is comparatively cheaper.
  • More accessible for 24x7 support and guidance.
  • He/she helps you with therapy and counselling tips.
  • You can improve mental well-being while saving money and time.

What Clients Say

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